Week 11

Hello all,

Eleven weeks and counting.

There is not much news to tell this week as it was a fairly uneventful week here in Stepnerville and in Israel. Well, maybe not so uneventful in Israel as the continuing saga of Israeli criminality (both actual criminals and the world perception of Israel as a criminal entity) continues, but I really do not wish to discuss those issues this week as they are just too depressing sometimes. There will be more to discuss as the weeks go by, I’m sure, so I’ll save the news and opinions for a later email. I have to be inspired to discuss these issues and today I am simply not. But I don’t wish to disappoint, therefore, I send out this abbreviated version of my weekly emails.

Well, as Mets fans, we were fairly disappointed this season as they really, well, to be nice, were quite lousy!!!!  But if we couldn’t root for the Mets, we rooted for the Yankees!! And, particularly since they defeated the Phillies!! Yea!!!! But next year, Mets!!!!

My aunt from Pittsburgh came in this week for a month to visit, attend some family smachot, and study in my Ulpan and attend classes in the OU center. We picked her up at the airport on Wednesday.. I haven’t been back since we landed almost three months ago!! It was fun to be at the airport again. We’ll be busy, happily so, tending to my aunt.

Weather here is fickle. Cold and rainy last weekend and into early this week, and now, for the next at least 10 days, sunny and hot, in the 70‘s and 80’s (or 18-28 degree range Celcius). I am not complaining. But it does get chilly at night.

Anyway, our Shabbat visitors for this week are Chavy Skolnick and a friend of hers. A little bit of West Hempstead. We hope to have some good laughs. And Shelley and Saul, Chavi looks great!!!!

Ok, the highlight of the week: We just today received an invitation to my cousin’s son’s bar mitzvah and it was addressed to ready for this?

‘Lichvod: Harav R’ Meir Stepner Shlita V’B”B’.

That’s the fastest Rabbinical ordination I’ve Ever heard of!!!! And, I’ve been effectively demoted to a baalat bayit. No name, no identity, just, well, kind of there, an afterthought. Sorry family, but it really is. It’s very demeaning.

But anyway, I’ll sign off now with wishes for a wonderful Shabbat, health and happiness always, and missing you all more than you know. And of course, prayers for Gilad Shalit and all captives. Unfortunately, things have been quiet on that front.

Sorry so short. Shabbat Shalom


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