Week 13

Hello all,

Lisa’s weekly email continues, albeit condensed. Our bar mitzvah week, week 13.

Well, not much to tell this week. It was a standard week, busy with Ulpan, school, and work. I’ve been attending Ulpan with my aunt who is absolutely loving the classes. This week on Wednesday there were some spirited discussions about charedi life and weddings and of course I contributed. My Ulpan teacher loved it and loves the passion when I and everyone else speaks. (surprise, surprise that I am passionate). One gentleman from our class who hails from Toronto has a son who is marrying a Scottish girl and it will be a charedi wedding in Glasgow, Scotland. Each week someone from the class is assigned to speak on any topic of interest and he decided to speak on this issue. He is modern and made aliyah with his wife in August and had one son and one daughter living here. The son getting married has spent the last five years learning in the Mir or some other yeshiva, after his one year of post high school study. His daughter couldn’t have a more diametrically opposite way of life from her brother in that she attended seminary and then moved on to Hebrew University where she is now studying and has since also become a Peace Now supporter/activist and is also as he describes her, a hippy. Can you imagine discussing all of this in Hebrew? Well, we did and some of it was humorous and some, a poignant touching story. Just goes to show you that there are never guarantees in life and we just have to do our best always in raising and relating to our children and be happy and respectful of who they are and who they turn out to be. Life is too precious and often too short to do or think otherwise.

This Shabbat in Israel, in Bnei Akiva, is Shabbat Ha’irgun, the last Shabbat of Chodesh Ha’irgun (something to do with Rabbi Akiva) and the streets have been filled nightly with activity. Eitan went on Wednesday night to the Bnei Akiva center where they were painting the walls and finishing banners. It was an all nighter, but he didn’t stay all night. There was no school Friday and Sunday classes began late, at 2PM. It was very enjoyable to see and hear the buzz of activity surrounding this weekend.

We were invited to a Kiddush in our neighborhood in honor of the new members of the community and it was a lot of fun. The weather was great and it was held outside. There was good food, drink and good company. Our (West Hempstead) Shabbat guests included our nephew Barry, and Yoni Block and Eli Weinstein. It is always great to have guests and this week was no exception. And it was wonderful to catch up with family and friends. All the boys are happy, learning, and doing well and they all look healthy and fit. It was a pleasure seeing them all and we hope they’ll all come back soon.  Ariel Sobin was supposed to be here, but unfortunately took ill. We hope to host him for another Shabbat soon. Yechezkel stayed in yeshiva for Shabbat. Friday morning he went on a dig near Maaleh Adumim, across the main road, I think, where an ancient well was found and he and others were digging it out. He left early and just made it home in time to get a bus back to Yeshiva.

There was some clamor this week regarding Gilad Schalit and his possible release to Egypt on November 27th to be followed by a transfer to Israel in a second stage in exchange for a few hundred prisoners. It is very hush hush here with little mention in any Israeli papers, although Sunday and today, Monday, there was some additional media speculation.  Supposedly Shimon Perez is discussing this in Egypt this week, but who knows. Time will tell. Good or bad, time will tell.

Well, that’s all for this week. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

With much love to all,


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