Week 34

Week 34

Hello all,

I was not going to write today since nothing much new has happened since my last email, nevertheless, here I am.

The week progressed fairly uneventfully, but I was very busy with job searching, shopping, parent teacher conferences, and the like. After last Sunday’s sand/windstorm, I chose to wait a day or two to clean since the wind continued to gust for the next day. Well, I didn’t get to clean until today. I HATE TO CLEAN!! Ok, just saying. I am not good at it. I love a clean house, but the process is not for me. Cleaning is not my forte. I had to wash the furniture, dust, wash the floors, do laundry. Ugh!! Meyer on the other hand enjoys cleaning, is efficient, and much better at it than I. So,. I really miss Meyer. But not only for cleaning and laundry (yes, he does laundry also. What can I say..I married the right guy). I miss my friend. And I miss having my whole family together. I enjoy the quiet sometimes, but I do miss Meyer. If I were alone in West Hempstead it was no big deal. I was more independent and could get around effortlessly. Here, because of the (sometimes) language barrier, the lack of a car, having friends fewer and far between, it’s more difficult and I am more dependent. Ok, before you all misunderstand me and think that I am not happy, let me clarify. I am. I know sometimes the tone of my emails suggest I am not happy, but really, are any of us happy wherever we are and whatever we are doing, all of the time? That’s the goal, the ideal, but not reality. My emails are an honest portrayal of our new life here, the good and the bad. If I were to write that everything is peachy, wonderful and rosy, it would be dishonest and boring. I tell about life..our experiences and There are times that I am ’down’..who doesn’t feel that way sometimes? It is unrealistic to expect constant perkiness, consistent contentment. Life here is different, complex, frustrating, and meaningful and beautiful. Sometimes all at the same time, sometimes not. That’s life. That is our happiness.

Anyway, Yechezkel is home for Shabbat as is Eitan. Eitan was supposed to be away, but decided against it since he has a lot of work for school. Exams, preparation for Bagruyot and essays to write. He was feeling a little stressed and just needed to be home. He’s been studying a lot this week for a history exam he had today so he needs a little rest. So yea! I have my two boys together. We are going out for dinner tonight, but tomorrow it will just be us.

Yechezkel had a busy week in the army. He had shmira in the hot sun, guarding the base for four hours and in his words, ‘it was awesome’, and he exercised a lot. He is really learning what it means to be a soldier and he’s loving it.

Time to sign off. It’s almost Shabbat here. Just want to wish my niece Rivka and new husband Aron a special Mazal Tov from Israel. Wish we were there sharing with you, but you have Meyer so that has been special for all. Drink a l’chaim for us tonight.

And of course, wishing all a Shabbat Shalom. This Monday is Yom Hazikaron, Memorial Day for our chayalim, our soldiers, which is followed immediately by Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day. I will have much to share next week about these days. But I leave you all again with the request that on these days, you all pray for the safety and well being of our soldiers and our homeland. Remember those who have fallen. It is because of our soldiers and our army with the guiding hand of God that we have our home today.

Shabbat Shalom,


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