Weeks 19-20

Weeks 19-20

Hello all,

Sunday evening here and the weather has been absolutely magnificent. While most of you have been dealing with the frigid temperatures of New York, New Jersey, and from what I understand, the quite chilly temperatures of usually sunny, warm Florida, we have been basking in an unseasonably warm climate. The glorious blue cloudless skies, warm temperatures, verdant pine trees reaching for the sky all have given me another reason to love being here. Don’t  you all wish you could share this with us?? Yes Israel needs rain so though we’ve been enjoying, it truly would be a blessing if there were more rain.

In any event, lest you think I am glorifying every aspect of living here, you should  know that the past two weeks haven’t been so great for me and I’ve been going through some difficulties and challenges that I guess go along  with settling in. But I am muddling through and coming into my own. Job search is difficult and learning the ropes of the health care system for me has also been a challenge. Not to worry, all is well, I am well. We chalk it all up to the continued learning experiences that go along with aliyah. Again, I thank God for Meyer, who has been my constant support, my rock through everything.

Last Shabbat was spent by Meyer’s cousins in Efrat and I really got practice on my Hebrew speaking skills since they speak mostly Hebrew. Challenging, but enjoyable. Last Monday I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Cup o’ Joe with the next West Hempstead visitor, Shira Zupnick. It was great seeing her and she shared some interesting anecdotes with me from her year in Israel last year. Yechezkel  popped in for a few minutes so she was able to see him as well. I also heard from Ronnie Weinstein, but unfortunately did not get to see her. On Wednesday my nephew Avi left to go back to the states to begin his YU college career after spending a year and a half learning here and we will miss him very much. On Friday Sandy and Mark Bindiger met us in Geula where we were taking out food for Shabbat (our first take out experience since moving here).. I had no ‘cheshek’ to cook  this week. We talked and ate pizza. Again, always great seeing friends here. We hope we’ll see them again.

Shabbat was quiet. Meyer and Yechezkel went to shul Friday night, while I stayed back, sat in my recliner chair, feet up, and reveled in the quiet. I read and fell asleep until the boys  came home. Eitan was away on a Shabbat tiyul with his school to Beit She’an. They hiked on Friday and spent a wonderful Shabbat learning all about Beit She’an, where it’s found in the Torah, eating, singing.. A wonderful experience. It’s so amazing here. The tiyulim can be fun, spirited, physical, and most of all, are all relevant to what they are learning and living. Eitan enjoyed the tiyul so much and found it incredible to be hiking and being so close to the Jordanian border.

Speaking of the Arabs, the usual players have been at it again this week. Unfortunately for the first time in about a year, a Kassam rocket was launched from Gaza over to Ashdod the other day. No damage, no one was hurt, but it looks like the ‘relative’ quiet may not last. Israel also attacked Gaza by air and killed a terrorist. I am not sure of all the details…it can get depressing sometimes to read the paper and constantly hear about all the bad things happening here. Sometimes, we just have to cushion ourselves and NOT listen to the news or read the paper. We just simply have to live.

Speaking of living, if I don’t cook dinner soon, there will be a mutiny in my home. So I sign off now with my usual wishes for good health to all, and of course, we send our love to you all. We miss you.

Keep in touch,

Warmly, (pun intended),


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