Week 44

It’s been an interesting past couple of weeks to say the least. Not because of the ‘usual players’ necessarily, though of course, there’s been plenty of that as well. No, I refer to my own personal ‘excitement.’ I’ve written before of the differences between the medical system in America and that of Israel. Each has its benefits, each its shortcomings. Each its supporters and critics. But adapting to a new health system, completely foreign to that which I am accustomed has been challenging and frustrating and even humorous at times.
I expected upon arrival here to adapt slowly, as needed, to the health system here and take things one day at a time, much like every other aspect of Israeli life. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined having to become so intimately familiar with medical practice here in such a short time period. But I have. To make a long story short, I was not feeling well the past week and a half, was treated in the hospital for a few hours and have since been informed that I will probably require gallbladder surgery over the summer. I’m OK, Meyer has been wonderful, kids attentive, and friends and family great. So within one year, I think I will have experienced more here than the average oleh experiences. On the bright side, I now know many new medical terms in Hebrew and can accurately describe my discomfort in Hebrew. It is never pleasant being ill, but imagine having to describe symptoms in a language that is not your mother tongue, and to listen to doctors, nurses, and technicians all speak in Hebrew!! And to top it all off, I have to avoid all alcohol (wine), coffee, Advil and charif (spicy foods). I can do without the charif, but iced coffee and wine are my two favorites. There’s nothing like coming home from shul on Shabbat and relaxing with an iced coffee and newspaper or good book or drinking a really good glass of wine with dinner.  This is going to be tough!
Being home for much of the past week has afforded me the opportunity to watch Wimbledon Tennis. (Sorry World Cup Soccer fans, but tennis is the sport for me). I so enjoy the excitement of the game, the class, the skill displayed by the players. I was really rooting for Shachar Pe’er, the top Israeli female player, seeded 13th, but unfortunately, she didn’t make it past the second round in this tournament. With any luck she’ll go on to perform well in the US Tennis Open in August.
This weekend marks the 4th anniversary of the abduction of Gilaad Schalit by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. What is there to say? The sadness and anguish of the family is palpable and I honestly don’t know how they go on living each day. Sunday the family will begin an 11 day march from their home in the Galill to the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem in the hopes of garnering support and pressure for the release of their son. Many people are expected to join them in their march. It really is such a sad anniversary. May this be the very last of its kind.
Eitan leaves Sunday night after his last Bagrut exam for New York and for a wonderful summer vacation, and my sister Susan is coming this week for a little R & R for ten days. It should be fun, even though I am somewhat limited in what I can do. Eitan is really looking forward to being back in West Hempstead and spending time with Michal, friends, and family. We’ll miss him loads. Nothing much else to tell. Missing you all.
Have a wonderful week.

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