Week 49

The nation mourns…. again. Another tragedy for the Israeli Air Force. Six more families mourn today after the tragic crash of the air force helicopter over the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. A joint military exercise between two nations ending in tragedy for both.  As we heard the news of the crash we all held our breath that perhaps survivors would be found, but that was not to be. Husbands, fathers, sons, lost while practicing long-range military maneuvers for the defense of their country.

This following the horrific anti-Semitic rage of filmmaker Oliver Stone, to which he has recently ‘apologized’. Too little, too late. He joins the ranks of such ‘luminaries’ as Mel Gibson.

This following a week in which President Obama decided to give the PLO mission in Washington some legitimacy, in allowing it to fly its flag. It seems that this administration continues to reward the PLO for basically..well nothing. There has been no change to its charter, specifically, in even recognizing Israel’s right to exist. Is this Obama ideology at its best? Pressure Israel, reward PLO, Israel will cave, promises of ‘international peace keeping forces’ will be made to Israel to secure borders and prevent terrorism (see Lebanon now. UN peacekeeping forces are in place yet it is still estimated that Hezbollah’s arms procurement have more than doubled since pre-Lebanon war-time) and peace will come. I know, I sound cynical. I am at times. I am no politician, no military expert, just simple me. I just see what is happening in the world. I live here in little tiny Israel, my home, and feel the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic bombastic rhetoric constantly leveled against Israel.  Living here has its challenges yes, but truly, there is nothing like living in a place where everyone is Jewish. I know I belong. As Meyer likes to tell me often, the handwriting is on the wall.

In any event, on the health front, my surgery is scheduled for mid August and I start my job this Sunday. Meyer, or rather ‘Professor’ Stepner started his teaching job on Monday and quite enjoys it. We are moving the end of August to a new apartment near where we are building our apartment which will hopefully be ready around Pesach time. Yes, a lot of moving, a little crazy, I know, but the rent is cheaper, so money talks. The summer is flying by. I’ve only been swimming once so far; I really need to get out more. Friday Meyer and I hope to go to the beach in Tel Aviv for some sun, fun, and relaxation.  A heat wave is expected here for the next five days with temperatures ranging from 100 degrees to 107 degrees. It’s going to be a scorcher!!

Wishing all a Shabbat shalom. Praying for…oh, so much, mostly comfort for the bereaved families, health and happiness for my own, and health and happiness for all of you. I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I miss you all.

Love, Lisa

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