The Journey Continues

Life goes on and our journey continues. Our one year anniversary of aliyah came and went not uneventfully. Week fifty-two lead into week fifty-three which lead into week fifty-four, this week.  It’s been a busy and hectic time for us. I’ve largely recovered from surgery. I’m still tired and slightly sore, but I’m doing well overall. Eitan returned from New York (yea!!) last Sunday and he looks great. We really missed him but he had an ‘awesome’ time seeing everyone, working, relaxing and having fun. I returned to work this week and Eitan to school. We moved to our new temporary apartment near where we are building our home. It’s good to be back here, in Mitzpeh Nevo, but it is so crowded now in this apartment that I’ve come to the conclusion that less really is more. We have way too much stuff. This is a furnished apartment and we moved all of our own furnishings, clothes, books, and life belongings here. Meyer packed everything and somehow we managed to survive the move. This is the way we will live until Pesach (hopefully) when  once again, we’ll hire movers to move up the street to settle finally in our own brand new apartment (cottage). We will then have one music filled, fantastically fun chanukat habayit (house-warming) party. I believe we’ve earned it. I think then I will truly feel at home. For now, we are Ma’ale Adumim’s wandering Jews.

Peace efforts are underway again between Netanyahu, Abbas, and Clinton/Obama in Washington and as in the past, terrorism has struck Israelis again. You all know the story. The usual players, Palestinian terrorists (Hamas terrorists….what really is the difference) attack a family driving in a car murdering a mother and father of six beautiful children rendering them orphans, and murdering the two passengers travelling with them, all while Netanyahu was en route to Washington. And the next day another attack followed but fortunately no one was killed in that attack. And today, Saturday, rockets were fired from Gaza and landed in Israel luckily without causing injury or damage. This time. Yesterday, a girl was injured by a rock thrown at the car she was travelling in. She was taken to the hospital and listed in moderate condition. Moderate condition is the term given to victims of terror here when doctors don’t fear for the patient’s life, but cannot rule out the possibility of permanent damage. So what can we make of all of this? In my opinion, Netanyahu should have turned his plane around and returned to Israel to put forward a response. Nary a response was heard. It is time to stop richly rewarding palestinians for their acts of terrorism. Instead of standing down to advance talks, why not stand strong and affirm that Israel is a sovereign legitimate nation and that it will not tolerate anymore acts of terrorism. It is time for Israel’s leaders to stand up for and protect its citizens unwaveringly and to unequivocally state to the world in clear loud and unambiguous language that we will not tolerate violence and terror of any kind at any time and we will aggressively respond to any such terror. Palestinians do not want peace if they terrorize innocent people. If there is no response, it is as if they have been given free rein to terrorize with impunity. Israeli’s need a genuine secure peace, not one based on appeasement of murderers to satisfy the biased narrow vision of world leaders.

Tennis is back in the form of the US Open and I love watching it. I watch at every opportunity, at times alone and at times with Eitan and Yechezkel, who enjoy it as much as I. But they hold the advantage over me in that they can both play the game fairly well, having been taught by their Grandma!! Just like baseball fans or football fans in the states cheer for their teams when they watch them play, we cheer our tennis players.  I’ve watched Sharapova, Federer, Andy Murray, Fish, Woznicki. I cheer loudest for Shachar Peer, who reached the fourth round where she is scheduled to play Venus Williams. She’s never triumphed against Venus and I doubt she will now. But wouldn’t it be sweet victory if she did?

The chagim are upon us again and as we approach this time of year we look forward to Michal and Chezky visiting with us for Sukkot and my mom coming for part of Sukkot and staying an additional week.  As we approach our second Rosh Hashanah here, (which by the way encompasses a three-day yom tov for us as well, oy) I wish you all a year of joy, happiness, health and success (and fun). I hope and pray, really pray, for Israel’s leaders to exhibit  the strength and courage necessary to stand up and stand strong in defense and protection of their country’s citizens and to withstand undue and unfair pressure. I pray and ask you to pray for no more war though it may seem inevitable, and to pray for the safety of our chayalim (soldiers). I pray for the children and families of the recent terror attacks to somehow find the courage to live life with joy and honor to preserve the memories of their loved ones. I pray for Gilaad Schalit’s return to Israel, and by the way, the other Israeli captives as well, and I really pray for simplicity, for the simple joyous things in life. For the fun.

Shana Tovah to all and a sweet and happy New Year.


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