Sweetness Personified

Pure bliss.

These two words are all that are needed to describe the feeling of becoming a grandparent. Pure bliss. I didn’t think I would feel this way, but as I stare at the beautiful face of my sleeping, new grandson, I feel total joy, pure delight.

Wow! I am a grandmother!! Many of you have welcomed me in to what you call, ‘the greatest club in the world.’ It is rather remarkable, quite amazing, in fact, to be a member of this club. But wasn’t I just adjusting to motherhood? Wasn’t it just yesterday when I celebrated becoming a parent and then celebrated that wonder, again and then again? Wait a minute: Wasn’t I just a kid myself? Where does the time go?

I love being a parent. I’ve loved watching my children grow, learn, play and become the wonderful human beings each one is today. I cherish the time I have with each one. I’ve worked hard at parenting and I know my job isn’t complete: it never will be. As one sage person advised me not so long ago, our job as parents is never complete since our children will always need us in some capacity or another. But as I look back on those busy, hectic, important parenting years, I can honestly say I am ready for grand parenthood, ready for the simple pleasures of spending time with Daniel, playing with him, singing to him, spoiling him, sharing ice cream cones and watching his smiley, giggly face as it melts all over him. I look forward to sharing with him stories that only a grandmother can tell. I am quite certain I will love being a grandparent. I already do. I love when Daniel sleeps on my shoulder, when he smiles and laughs with me, and I love the way he babbles when I change his diaper.

When Daniel was just one month old, the precious baby slept on my shoulder and in my arms for four hours! We dozed together while his mommy napped on the couch alongside us. There’s no comparable feeling to that of holding a sleeping baby on your shoulder. It is quite simply, heavenly.

Sleeping on Savta. Heavenly baby!!

Daniel is now four months old and I am back visiting with him and his mommy and daddy. He gets cuter and sweeter by the day and he brings out the very best in me. He smiles, I smile. He laughs, I laugh. We play together, we take walks together and I love his reaction when a breeze gently caresses his beautiful soft sweet face. He giggles, looks around, perhaps thinking ‘who is that tickling me?’ and smiles. And when he sleeps, I could stare at him for hours. He has this enchanting, captivating quality about him. He is angelic. This child brings complete and utter joy into my life. Being a grandmother is a reminder of everything that is good in this world.

As parents, we nurture our children’s’ every need. We provide for them physically, emotionally, financially. We nurture their dreams, encourage their ambitions, guiding and disciplining them along their paths of live. As a grandparent, I know I must relinquish those roles and dutifully, faithfully, allow my daughter and son-in-law to provide for Daniel. It’s tough, but I suppose I will reap the benefits. I can spoil Daniel with boundless love, endless hugs and butterfly kisses. And I have every intention of doing so!!

Daniel IS Sweetness Personified.

Mr. Sweetness

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